Little Green Pig Zero Dollar Tickets

Little Green Pig makes all tickets free for “Zero Dollar Ticket Season”

Zero Dollar Tickets

As of September 2018, all LGP tickets can be reserved for $0. Our costs are subsidized by donors so that everyone can see live theater regardless of means. Thank you for helping us make this experiment a reality!

Is not a free ticket. 
Someone pays for the art because artwork is valuable and requires a large expenditure of time and energy. Our goal is to pay all our artists a living wage. Audiences for serious, provocative art house theater are elite. We want to attract young audiences who are not used to paying for entertainment and show them the value it can bring to their lives. 

Is an established business model.
We're publicly funded like NPR and the Smithsonian Museums: available to all, but endowed by donors with a vested interest in their survival. 
As far as we know, it is unique for a theater company to offer zero dollar tickets to everyone and still pay its artists a living wage. We'd like to serve as a national example of best practices for producing high quality work.

Is achievable.
We'll be able to sustain this model if we generate funding through:
1) Patreon, where you pay a monthly subscription fee

2) Individual and at the door donations
3) Endowments and grant support
4) Fundraiser performances

We feel with full commitment to these areas we can reach our yearly goal to support our productions and our artists. We'll remain a non-profit company.

Bridge Builders


Local businesses that subscribe via Patreon at or above the $25/month level get special perks in addition to the satisfaction of supporting local art! Subscribing as a Bridge Builder gets you…

$25/month Bronze Bridge Builders - Free photoshoot from Bull City Photography, your company listed in programs and LGP emails, 'Zero Dollar Ticket' decal, first chance to reserve seats at every LGP show.

$50/month Silver Bridge Builders - The above + invites to special events and your logo featured on this webpage.

$250/month Gold Bridge Builders - The above + a yearly reception with LGP and a choice of one of these exclusive events: 1) Improv workshop for you and your employees 2) Custom-made cabaret for you, your employees and your invited guests.

We hope you'll come along with us in making our 2018-2019 season shows accessible to all in the spirit of communitas!
Thank you!!

Dana & Jaybird, LGP Co-Founders