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Little Green Pig’s 2018-19 Season

Featuring three world premieres by Durham, NC playwrights


A one-man show written and performed by Shelby Hahn.
Directed by Jaybird O’Berski. Premiered September 6, 2018.

Down at the end of lonely street, somewhere near the Mississippi crossroads of obsession and madness lives the world's #1 Elvis fan, Paul MacLeod. After converting his home into an Elvis museum that's open to the public 24 hours a day Paul reckons he's given tours to over half a million visitors, including movie stars and presidents. His collection of photographs, newspaper clippings, and VHS recordings are worth a fortune, or so he says. But the revolving door of bearded hipsters, drunken college students, and David Lynchian weirdos come to hear his tall tales has taken its toll on Paul's trembling grip with reality. Now there's blood on the floor and before Paul has left the building, he insists on giving you The Last Tour.

HORSES by Dana Marks

ο»ΏDirected by Jaybird O'Berski
February 14-23 Throughout the Triangle
A concert monologue featuring the songs and stories of rock icon Patti Smith as she recounts her life in music, poetry and love featuring Robert Mapplethorpe, Sam Shepard and William S. Burroughs.


Written and directed by Jaybird O’Berski. Premiers May 2019.
Based on the improvised work of 25 actors, this devised play looks at the
everyday lives of friends and family members eight years after a tragedy
rocks their tightly-knit community.

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