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Acting Basics

Acting Basics (Ages 16 & up)

Instructor: Dana Marks
Registration opens 7/13/18
Level: Beginning
Date 10/14-12/16, 2018
Location: Durham Arts Council
Room: Adaron Hall
Time: 1:00-3:00 on Sundays
Tuition: $225

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This class is an introduction to the fundamentals of acting as a process, a craft, a discipline – with basic techniques used by actors. You will discover how actors are trained and why while developing an understanding of basic acting skills, theater/acting terminology, and learn to heighten powers of observation, focus, and invention through exercises in breathing, voice, movement, and improvisation. This beginning work will lead you to the exploration and performance of texts from short scenes. The class requires a high degree of participation and willingness to engage in structured play in an ensemble.

This is a partnership class with Bulldog Ensemble Theater.