Ellen Hemphill

Ellen Hemphill Little Green Pig.jpg

Ellen Hemphill is Artistic Director, Managing Director and co-Founder of Archipelago Theatre Company in Chapel Hill, NC. She has recently directed for Archipelago/CINE:  FILMS: The Reckoning (in post-production see http://archipelagotheatre.org/performances), Manicotti, The Danger Meditations, It Had Wings (co-directed with Jim Haverkamp) and Chair. 

She has directed over 25 theater performances for Archipelago Theatre and Duke Theater Studies Department including: The Narrowing, Out of the Blue, The Woman in the Attic, Blue Roses, Eulogy for a Warrior, Ten-in One, Those Women, Landscape, Silence and Night, , and The Abdication, Dancing at Lughnasa, Trojan Women, A Doll’s House and The Crucible.  Ellen is also a singer and performer and wrote and performed in the solos Another Time, Another Place...Someone Else, Cassandra's Lullaby, and She Didn't Like the Moon Without Clouds.  Her new work NORTH (working title) will be a multidisciplinary piece: theater, film, installation, movement.

Ellen is a Professor of the Practice in the Theater Studies Department at Duke University since 1993Ellen has also taught Voice and Gesture with the American Dance Festival (1992-2014), for Incubator Improv Company and is a long time member of the Roy Hart Theatre of France, where she worked and performed for 13 years.  Ellen is also a private consultant for professionals seeking to improve presentation skills through Archipelago Inc.  Ellen lives in Chapel Hill, N.C.